Councillor helps Walmer residents in fight to ban overnight parking

Article courtesy of Eleanor Perkins of The Kent Messenger Group

Residents are just one nod away from winning a five-year fight to stop motorhomes from parking overnight along a seafront road in Walmer.

Homeowners along The Beach collected a dossier of evidence showing caravans and other vehicles equipped for living causing a nuisance along the road.

They submitted their file to Dover District Council (DDC) with the support and advice of parish, district and county councillor Derek Murphy.

It suggested that motorhomes should be banned from parking overnight in the road between the hours of 6pm and 6am.

Earlier this month, it was discussed by the Joint Transport Board advisory committee, made up of county and district councillors, and recommended to be passed.

It is now expected go to Kent County Council for the final seal of approval within five weeks – and Cllr Murphy is highly confident it will go through.

Cllr Murphy, who is also the DDC cabinet member for social housing and health, said: “This is an issue that goes back to 2014. I was getting phone calls from residents who were really unhappy about the rubbish being left behind, disposing of waste in the drains and noise value. They were perfectly okay in the day but not overnight.”

He helped organise a public meeting to discuss ways forward about 18 months ago.

He added: “I think this will be an absolutely magnificent outcome. So many times residents want things and you can’t always do them.

“This is a great example of residents and myself having worked together, voices were listened to and their suggestions were taken on board and worked around to be implemented.”

Once approved by Kent County Council, signs will be installed along the The Beach from the Downs Sailing Club to the junction of Granville Road.

Campervans which ignore the restrictions will face a fine.

Resident Dr Bailey said: “Thankfully, with the support of DDC Councillor Derek Murphy, finally, a decision is close to being reached to ban such misuse of a uniquely beautiful oasis of calm and beauty.”