Postal Vote Conservative on May 6th

The Prime Minister has pronounced that Elections should go ahead in May so that democracy is not withheld any longer than necessary.  The Police and Crime Commissioner elections have already been delayed and the Prime Minister does not want to see any further delays.

I am sure that like me, after a lot of uncertainty, you just want to get on with it.  Rest assured Dover District Council (DDC) will take all obligatory measures to ensure Covid secure polling.  As it stands at the moment, you will be asked to wear a clean mask inside the Polling Station and you will be advised to bring your own pencil.  Numbers will be restricted inside the Polling Station so potentially there will be queuing outside, particularly at peak times. There will be a one-way system; social distancing must be observed and where appropriate screens will be in place.  If, crucially, you are directed to isolate beforehand, DDC have confirmed it will be easier this year to get an emergency proxy vote.

With the elections being less than 2 months away there is sufficient time to avoid all this inconvenience and apply for a Postal Vote, if you have not already done so.  I can’t think of a better way to exercise your right to vote, sitting in the comfort of your own home.

To find out how to apply for a postal vote, please visit Voting by Post ( .  Your application needs to be received at Dover District Council by 20th April.

Keith Single – Chairman